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Use & Care Tips


If you've ever had any trouble, or hate sealing Zipper Lock bags,

you are going to absolutely love this!!!

There are a few use and care tips we suggest that will help the ZipSealer give you a long life of service.

  • It is important to know that the ZipSealer works best when you don't squeeze too tightly. It's designed to make sealing zipper bags easy using minimal effort. Just apply gentle pressure while you let the rollers glide along the zipper as it closes and seals. It takes much less effort and force (only about 25%) to squeeze the tongs of the ZipSealer to pinch the zipper than it does with your fingers in order to make the seal tight. 

  • There is a way for you to be able to seal the zipper easily no matter what the height of the bag header or excess plastic there is above the zipper. Simply fold the header over and down the side of the bag so the zipper is at the top. Even though the flap of the header would now be layered next to the zipper, the rollers will still seal the zipper no problem since there is virtually no drag or friction with the plastic, as there would be if sealing with your fingers.

  • Squeezing air out of the bag before sealing. Air can be squeezed out of the bag as you seal it with the ZipSealer. Just seal the zipper half way across, then, while keeping the zipper pinched between the tongs,  squeeze the air out with your other hand. Then seal the remaining zipper with the tool as you keep the air squeezed out.

  • When using an automatic dishwasher to clean the tool, please place your ZipSealer on the top rack, instead of the cutlery basket for best results. Ensure the tool is not allowed to fall down to the bottom of the dishwasher where it may come into contact with the heating elements.

  • To keep the rollers as free rolling as possible, they can be lubricated occasionally by applying a very small amount of vegetable, baby or mineral oil to the axel hubs at the ends of the rollers. A toothpick dipped in the oil works great.

  • If a roller happens to become dislodged if the tool is dropped, it can easily be snapped back into place in the roller mounts.

  • If needed, replacement rollers can be ordered for $4.00 CAD per set of 3. Just select the "Replacement Rollers" option from the drop down menu on the PayPal box on the Home Page