If you've ever had any trouble, or hate sealing Zipper Lock bags,

you are going to absolutely love this!!!

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About Us

The Original Zipper Lock Bag Sealer! Ships from and Made in Canada! There is nothing else out there like the ZipSealer that does what it does! The ZipSealer is a Brand New Tool that solves a common problem that millions of people deal with everyday; tightly sealing any kind of re-sealable zipper lock or zip top bag. The ZipSealer's Patented Design is simple, but it's the perfect solution which is guaranteed to ensure the easiest and fastest seal possible on virtually every type of re-sealable zipper lock bag on the market, with practically no effort at all, including all those pre-packaged foods like frozen fruits or vegetables, snacks, cheese, meat etc. that are now sold frequently in re-sealable zipper lock bags.

This is especially true for anyone with Arthritis or any other type of hand or finger joint pain who have found the ZipSealer to be a god-send! Just read what some of our customers have said about the ZipSealer on our "Reviews & Testimonials" page.

Once you’ve tried it you will never want to seal a zipper lock or zip top bag by pinching the zipper with your fingers again! Perfect seal, every time... it's so easy and fast!! WE GUARANTEE IT!! 

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