ZipSealer Zipper Bag Sealer on TV

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If you've ever had any trouble, or hate sealing Zipper Lock bags,

you are going to absolutely love this!!!


Reviews & Testimonials

P. Clark

Save your hands! What a clever item! Save yourself from repetitive injury from pinching bags closed. This product WORKS!!!

Sarah B. 

Help for Arthritic hands. Just what I’ve been looking for. I find it difficult to reseal ziplock bags and this little guy does it every time.

Shirley A.

Fast service! This product is amazing!!

Barbara S.

​Finally something that works! This is a great product! I use it for sealing vacuum bags.


It works, and is very easy to use.


I saw this on Crazy Russian Hacker on YouTube and bought it. I hate wrestling with those cheapie bags that have a zipper. This works, and it works well!

Jodie B.

Great product! Sturdy and works perfectly!


It works!! This is one gadget that delivers on performance. No more struggling with zip locks. All good!!

Susan H.

Hi. Love this tool. Thanks for the info on how to use. So easy. I struggle every day with zip locks, life's too short for that. No more frustration with zip lock bags! Wish you much success with this Fantastic clever gadget that really works perfectly. Yea!! Love it. Thanks so much! Susan

Michael R.
This is a great solution for many people. We use a lot of zip top bags and as my wife and I got older, we found the bags were more difficult to seal properly due to lessened strength in the fingers. The Zipsealer allows the user to use their whole hand to apply pressure and seal the zipper.

​Allen C.

​Good shipping time considering from Canada, Great product, really works!!

Miss R

Pretty solid product for its size. I just got it and tried it out. It works great. The company also sent a letter with troubleshooting explanations. Also, tip ideas to use on other things that I never thought of. I appreciated they took this extra step.

Love the ZipSealer! Having arthritis in hands, I have difficulty closing those ziplock bags - not anymore thanks to you!

Katherine D.
My ZipSealer is immensely useful! I have inflammatory arthritis as well as neuropathy in both hands and have a job that requires me to seal zip lock bags of various sizes for hours at a time. My boss saw me using it and said, "We need to get a bunch of these!" Thanks, Kathy D.

Amelia P.
Hello ZipSealer makers I bought this gift for my grandmother as her hands are kind of going in her old age and she has found it difficult to seal ziplock bags, which so many products use. She really liked the product, so YAY. Sincerely, Amelia

Makes my life easier. Since I freeze a lot of leftovers, and buy bulk when it's a good deal, I love this thing to help me close the darn plastic bags. I usually can get it closed in one pass, sometimes the last half I have to do over. But it really does work and it is fast to use. I have no hesitation now to buy bulk I always hated breaking it up to freeze as I struggle with getting the freezer bags closed. This is a great item. I bought one for my daughter.

Butch J.
Worth the money! Thought this wouldn’t work, but it does.

At Busters Tasty Treats we apply a final seal on our pouches with heat however we like to close using the ZipSealer first. This product works great for us. Thanks

Cindy L.
Hi, a short note to say thank you for personally delivering my ZipSealer a couple of weeks talk about service!  I love the product, it works perfectly every time.
I am sure that with your amazing customer service and excellent product that you will do well.  I look forward to reading about your great success in the not too distant future.
Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season.
Cindy L.

W. Tran 
I initially posted this review regarding the ZipSealer rating it 4 out of 5 stars for the reasons listed below. The magnet issue aforementioned wasn't a really big deal to me (which is why I didn't contact the company), but I thought I'd mention it for other potential buyers to be aware of. I was very surprised to open my mailbox to see that Striding Edge had sent me out another ZipSealer due to the issue for the magnet (which did not affect the performance of the ZipSealer at all). They had read my review and wanted to make sure I was happy and satisfied with the product. The magnet issue was a first for them. Issues aside, I really appreciate a company that takes the time into living up to company promises and making sure consumers are happy with their products. I've changed my review to reflect my happiness with both the product and the company. 5/5 for me.
I received this item and it looked as pictured. Included in the envelope was a letter introducing the product and also how to contact the company for additional replacement rollers. One thing they did mention was that you need to exert minimal effort in order to use it, don't squeeze it. I work in a home infusion pharmacy where a lot of my coworkers have calluses due to the amount of zipbags they have to zip. It works as suggested with minimal effort. However, for the amount of money I paid, I would have wished for it to be of better quality (since shipping isn't included in the price). The metal magnet in the back just fell out after three uses, I didn't even drop it on the ground. For bags that are full or filled almost completely, it will be a lot more difficult to zip with this sealer (not impossible, but near impossible). For bags that are mostly empty, sealing them will be a breeze.

Kathryn G.
Love my new zip sealer!! Thank you, it works well.

Denise A.
YAY !!!! I received my Zipsealer today! Thanks so much! I love that it's also multi-purpose!! I'm going to finally get the perfect creases in my curtains! Thanks again!!